Meet Emily.

I was born in Texas and raised just about everywhere else south of the mason-dixon. I am married to the love of my life, Alex and a puppy mom to our chocolate brown cockapoo puppy - Watson. I am addicted to ice-cream, cheese-its and most importantly, Jesus. I can cook a mean casserole and nothing warms my heart more than championing others. I've been a crafter since I was old enough to draw a hand-turkey and this is my story:

I began this journey of creativity back in my prime middle-school-aged days. Originally known as Designs by Emily, my first company was birthed out of my family's living room as I meticulously hand cut and crafted greeting cards to sell at small fairs. As I got older I started dabbling in photography, which I majored in for 1.5 years in college and still do shoots on occasion to this day. I hit a speed bump at age 19 with my health and since then, I have been finding new ways to use my creativity to channel my chronic pain towards beauty. Come to find out, everyone has something and I want my work to be a beacon of encouragement to those who are brave enough to bear-hug their circumstances and take steps towards healing. Today, I am commissioned by a wholesale manufacturer to produce hand-lettered works of art. It's kind of crazy how Jesus chooses to use each of us in different ways and I am honored you have found my work.